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TV Show Section Rules (UPDATED 12th March 2013)

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:38 pm
by LoneGunman
All users must follow these rules, any user not following the rules will face a possible ban and/or deletion of your post/s.
  • 1. All posts must have a or an IMDB link near the top so it is easy to find without scrolling.
  • 2. All posts must have a screen image (usually the DVD cover or poster)
  • 3. All posts must have screen shots of the content - NOT taken from IMDB or others!
  • 4. Complete Series ONLY in this section - there must be at least one complete series/season to post in this section.
    • 5. Usual forum rules apply - NO OUTSIDE ADVERTISING! This includes other groups or forums!
Example of a correctly formatted post: